Monday, June 25, 2012

The book that I always wanted to write.

I have been working along on finishing the pool playing instructional book and we are well into the final parts of editing and installing the pictures and diagrams. While there is still much to complete the conclusion is within sight. This book is going to give pool players of all skill levels a chance to get much better, now and forever. My dream was to leave a mark on the sport with this book and help others discover that same feeling which I found so long ago. When I began to attempt to get better with my playing, pool instruction was almost unheard of and the instructional books were vague and unclear. Education is the only way to grow the sport. Because pool playing at a high level is so difficult, players get lost along the way, assuming that they just cannot get it perhaps because they just do not seem to have any natural ability. That is the quick and obvious way to assess why their proficiency is much less than other players, and well beneath their own desired playing stature. This book will be a complete guide to teaching yourself to play high level pool and I am certain that I will be satisfied with the contents, derived from great research and nearly 40 years of practice, I hope that you, the reader, will be pleased with the material and presentation, including the motivational aspects that have been lacking in our sport. The blessing of seeking and training regularly with the top players in pool for such a long time has given this book an authentic look at what it really takes to become great. Everybody would not get to be so blessed as to have access to the material gathered within the book and I really wanted to share this with you, and all players in the future that sincerely wanted to get better but had little idea of where to start. Thanks for your

My Favorite Pool Joke

A guy gets off of work and stops by his favorite place to have a couple of beers and shoot some pool. While he is playing he notices a beautiful girl sitting at the bar who makes eye contact with him. When he next orders his beer he offers her one also and a conversation begins. Shortly thereafter one thing leads to another and he ends up at her apartment. Now it is getting quite late and he has fallen asleep, when he awakes and realizes that it is nearly 3 a.m. he knows that his wife is going to be furious. He quickly thanks his new friend for the great evening and asks if he can borrow some baby powder which he then sprinkles on his shirt sleeve. Upon arriving home, sure enough as he feared his wife is up, angry, and waiting. "Where have you been tonight?" she demands. He then explains the truth about meeting a girl at the pool bar, one thing led to another, and he fell asleep at her place. Seeing the baby powder on his sleeve the wife says, "don't lie to me I can see that you were playing pool again all night".

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lindenwood Lions Spring Mini-Camp

We have just completed the first Lindenwood University Billiards Team spring mini-camp. We had players come from Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri. This has been a tremendous experience for everyone involved, both educational and fun. Also Mike Durbin (Durbin Custom Cues) and Dave Carr were interested enough to drive two hours to look in on what was happening. They are very supportive of the sport and were inspired to volunteer to help in the future.

The assistant coach and team doctor, Don Wardell, was very helpful, as we had 12-15 future team members each day. Everyone is so energetic, positive, and ambitious, that it creates a very exciting atmosphere and already a sense of pride. All of those that participated improved their play, understanding of pool, what the expectations will be, and once we get to the fall semester the team will be quite formidable.

Lindenwood University is an athletic driven university, and they are very proud of all of their sports teams and 47 National Championships. Several months ago I was selected as the head coach and asked to form a billiards team. The University wants a first rate program and I was tasked with producing that goal. The school is willing to provide to these student/athletes maximum support, to include scholarship awards for deserving team members. The criteria for the scholarship awards are; academics, character, and billiards. You will need to be interested in becoming a great pool player, while obtaining a great education, and possess the qualities of being a good person. The scholarships must be earned every day, and this will require a tremendous work ethic. Grades, attendance, and attitude, are only some of the criteria that will be required. Upon completion of the program, you will have leadership skills and success as your future because of the hard work and commitment.

Professional players have inquired about the results of the mini-camp and stated that they will stop by and assist. The billiard publications have lent support, along with the entire billiards community. This will be historic for the sport and begin a rebirth for the future. I am very excited to give a maximum effort to producing the finest team ever. 

Comments, questions, or concerns, please call me at 1-618-888-2333, also check out

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Isles Yacht Club

I have just returned from a great week of teaching 40 of members of the Isles Yacht Club in Punta Gordo, Florida. The club members get together and play several "in house" leagues, have traveling teams, and play tournaments. Bob Spencer has generated the pool enthusiasm in the club and further nurtures it by creating a wonderful environment to play and learn under. This is attractive to the general membership and has become a source of pride among the many great people that are involved with this tremendous and unique place. The players are all people that are ambitious, educated, successful, and attentive, which makes teaching so much more rewarding. They have all found the pool passion and their skills are growing fast. I am personally so honored to be invited to work with them, and motivated by their willingness to put forth effort, there is little surprise why these individuals are unilaterally great examples of over achievers' that win in life.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Exciting News

I am so excited to announce that I have just been selected to be the coach of the Lindenwood University Billiard Program. The duties will entail pioneering a new direction to grow and create interest in the sport. We will be competing against other schools and local league teams. The practices and training will be carefully designed to establish Lindenwood as the premier billiards school in the world. We will also be able to award some scholarships to aid recruiting and stimulate enrollment. The University operates in a first class fashion and the billiards program will be conducted from the same ideals of excellence. This opportunity is for those ambitious,energetic,and enthusiastic students that are overachievers in both academics and billiards, who will ultimately become successes in life. We are aiming for the individual that understands the difference between training for a sport and playing a game. Please give me a call at 618-888-2333 for additional information. mw

Friday, February 3, 2012

A Pool Lesson with Jerry Briesath DVD

Jerry's new instructional video just came out with 4.5 hours of material that provides very illuminating details of the topics. I helped Jerry prepare the material over the last year and also appear on the video demonstrating the techniques described. Much of the instruction offered has fresh and unique content that has never been presented elsewhere. This video will greatly aid any student regardless of current ability and spur interest in training. I am certain that you will enjoy the perspective of Jerry who has dedicated himself to teaching the sport for his entire life. Those experiences are shared within this DVD and will improve your personal pool playing now and in the future. New found enthusiasm for skill development is also contained with the best pool instructional video ever. You can obtain your copy from either myself at (618-888-2333) or Jerry's site, The purchase price for the three disc set is $70 shipping included. This is sincerely a must have item for anyone that seeks better playing skills and all instructors, as it will increase your fun and trim years off of the learning cycle.

2012 Derby Experience

Just back from another Derby City Classic and what a great time. I worked for Accu-Stats again doing commentary on 25 separate matches. The playing was stellar, and every year the standard moves higher. The qualifications for the straight pool tournament require that you are one of the top eight players to produce a high run. This year for the first time all eight qualifiers ran in excess of one hundred balls and one player did not qualify despite a high run of 103. The lowest run to qualify was 108. During a practice session John Schmidt produced a run of of 247 and missed a "dead combo" in the side pocket according to John, who is a funny guy with a great personality. Bustamante put on a show in the 10-Ball event and played so well that despite the tough table he was able to just over power the table with dynamic break shots and tremendous pocketing power. However the thing that was more evident than ever was the top flight pro players ability to shoot with power and accuracy. Along with this trained ability came shooting balls softer than ever with dramatic results in terms of position play. These skills are really only available on true championship conditions of Simonis cloth and Diamond Pool Tables that are very level.The fun and excitement of this event places it as the best American pool tournament experience that anyone can have today. I will see you there next year.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pool 2012

I am looking forward to the 2012 Derby City Classic, as this event has really become the premier pool event in the U.S.A. Also early this year I will complete my instructional book after many years of effort and I know many are looking forward to seeing what I have created, especially my wife who fears that I will never conclude my dream of writing a book. Once the book is finished then I intend to be playing more pool and travel. Happy New Year to all. mw