Monday, June 25, 2012

My Favorite Pool Joke

A guy gets off of work and stops by his favorite place to have a couple of beers and shoot some pool. While he is playing he notices a beautiful girl sitting at the bar who makes eye contact with him. When he next orders his beer he offers her one also and a conversation begins. Shortly thereafter one thing leads to another and he ends up at her apartment. Now it is getting quite late and he has fallen asleep, when he awakes and realizes that it is nearly 3 a.m. he knows that his wife is going to be furious. He quickly thanks his new friend for the great evening and asks if he can borrow some baby powder which he then sprinkles on his shirt sleeve. Upon arriving home, sure enough as he feared his wife is up, angry, and waiting. "Where have you been tonight?" she demands. He then explains the truth about meeting a girl at the pool bar, one thing led to another, and he fell asleep at her place. Seeing the baby powder on his sleeve the wife says, "don't lie to me I can see that you were playing pool again all night".

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