Monday, June 25, 2012

The book that I always wanted to write.

I have been working along on finishing the pool playing instructional book and we are well into the final parts of editing and installing the pictures and diagrams. While there is still much to complete the conclusion is within sight. This book is going to give pool players of all skill levels a chance to get much better, now and forever. My dream was to leave a mark on the sport with this book and help others discover that same feeling which I found so long ago. When I began to attempt to get better with my playing, pool instruction was almost unheard of and the instructional books were vague and unclear. Education is the only way to grow the sport. Because pool playing at a high level is so difficult, players get lost along the way, assuming that they just cannot get it perhaps because they just do not seem to have any natural ability. That is the quick and obvious way to assess why their proficiency is much less than other players, and well beneath their own desired playing stature. This book will be a complete guide to teaching yourself to play high level pool and I am certain that I will be satisfied with the contents, derived from great research and nearly 40 years of practice, I hope that you, the reader, will be pleased with the material and presentation, including the motivational aspects that have been lacking in our sport. The blessing of seeking and training regularly with the top players in pool for such a long time has given this book an authentic look at what it really takes to become great. Everybody would not get to be so blessed as to have access to the material gathered within the book and I really wanted to share this with you, and all players in the future that sincerely wanted to get better but had little idea of where to start. Thanks for your

My Favorite Pool Joke

A guy gets off of work and stops by his favorite place to have a couple of beers and shoot some pool. While he is playing he notices a beautiful girl sitting at the bar who makes eye contact with him. When he next orders his beer he offers her one also and a conversation begins. Shortly thereafter one thing leads to another and he ends up at her apartment. Now it is getting quite late and he has fallen asleep, when he awakes and realizes that it is nearly 3 a.m. he knows that his wife is going to be furious. He quickly thanks his new friend for the great evening and asks if he can borrow some baby powder which he then sprinkles on his shirt sleeve. Upon arriving home, sure enough as he feared his wife is up, angry, and waiting. "Where have you been tonight?" she demands. He then explains the truth about meeting a girl at the pool bar, one thing led to another, and he fell asleep at her place. Seeing the baby powder on his sleeve the wife says, "don't lie to me I can see that you were playing pool again all night".