Saturday, April 21, 2012

Lindenwood Lions Spring Mini-Camp

We have just completed the first Lindenwood University Billiards Team spring mini-camp. We had players come from Iowa, Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, and Missouri. This has been a tremendous experience for everyone involved, both educational and fun. Also Mike Durbin (Durbin Custom Cues) and Dave Carr were interested enough to drive two hours to look in on what was happening. They are very supportive of the sport and were inspired to volunteer to help in the future.

The assistant coach and team doctor, Don Wardell, was very helpful, as we had 12-15 future team members each day. Everyone is so energetic, positive, and ambitious, that it creates a very exciting atmosphere and already a sense of pride. All of those that participated improved their play, understanding of pool, what the expectations will be, and once we get to the fall semester the team will be quite formidable.

Lindenwood University is an athletic driven university, and they are very proud of all of their sports teams and 47 National Championships. Several months ago I was selected as the head coach and asked to form a billiards team. The University wants a first rate program and I was tasked with producing that goal. The school is willing to provide to these student/athletes maximum support, to include scholarship awards for deserving team members. The criteria for the scholarship awards are; academics, character, and billiards. You will need to be interested in becoming a great pool player, while obtaining a great education, and possess the qualities of being a good person. The scholarships must be earned every day, and this will require a tremendous work ethic. Grades, attendance, and attitude, are only some of the criteria that will be required. Upon completion of the program, you will have leadership skills and success as your future because of the hard work and commitment.

Professional players have inquired about the results of the mini-camp and stated that they will stop by and assist. The billiard publications have lent support, along with the entire billiards community. This will be historic for the sport and begin a rebirth for the future. I am very excited to give a maximum effort to producing the finest team ever. 

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  1. Mark this is Terry Beer again... Congratulations on Coaching at Lindenwood! You will love it... Back about 10 years ago I was the Head Mens and Womens Tennis Coach! So glad theyre adding Pool now! Ill be following your results!