Saturday, February 11, 2012

Isles Yacht Club

I have just returned from a great week of teaching 40 of members of the Isles Yacht Club in Punta Gordo, Florida. The club members get together and play several "in house" leagues, have traveling teams, and play tournaments. Bob Spencer has generated the pool enthusiasm in the club and further nurtures it by creating a wonderful environment to play and learn under. This is attractive to the general membership and has become a source of pride among the many great people that are involved with this tremendous and unique place. The players are all people that are ambitious, educated, successful, and attentive, which makes teaching so much more rewarding. They have all found the pool passion and their skills are growing fast. I am personally so honored to be invited to work with them, and motivated by their willingness to put forth effort, there is little surprise why these individuals are unilaterally great examples of over achievers' that win in life.

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  1. I'm glad things are going good for you Mark!
    Any news about your instructional book - when should we expect it?