Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 Derby Experience

Just back from another Derby City Classic and what a great time. I worked for Accu-Stats again doing commentary on 25 separate matches. The playing was stellar, and every year the standard moves higher. The qualifications for the straight pool tournament require that you are one of the top eight players to produce a high run. This year for the first time all eight qualifiers ran in excess of one hundred balls and one player did not qualify despite a high run of 103. The lowest run to qualify was 108. During a practice session John Schmidt produced a run of of 247 and missed a "dead combo" in the side pocket according to John, who is a funny guy with a great personality. Bustamante put on a show in the 10-Ball event and played so well that despite the tough table he was able to just over power the table with dynamic break shots and tremendous pocketing power. However the thing that was more evident than ever was the top flight pro players ability to shoot with power and accuracy. Along with this trained ability came shooting balls softer than ever with dramatic results in terms of position play. These skills are really only available on true championship conditions of Simonis cloth and Diamond Pool Tables that are very level.The fun and excitement of this event places it as the best American pool tournament experience that anyone can have today. I will see you there next year.

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