Friday, February 3, 2012

A Pool Lesson with Jerry Briesath DVD

Jerry's new instructional video just came out with 4.5 hours of material that provides very illuminating details of the topics. I helped Jerry prepare the material over the last year and also appear on the video demonstrating the techniques described. Much of the instruction offered has fresh and unique content that has never been presented elsewhere. This video will greatly aid any student regardless of current ability and spur interest in training. I am certain that you will enjoy the perspective of Jerry who has dedicated himself to teaching the sport for his entire life. Those experiences are shared within this DVD and will improve your personal pool playing now and in the future. New found enthusiasm for skill development is also contained with the best pool instructional video ever. You can obtain your copy from either myself at (618-888-2333) or Jerry's site, The purchase price for the three disc set is $70 shipping included. This is sincerely a must have item for anyone that seeks better playing skills and all instructors, as it will increase your fun and trim years off of the learning cycle.

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