Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Derby City Classic 2010

I have just returned from the D.C.C. (Derby City Classic) and this was one of the most uplifting experiences that I have had with pool in some time. I was really impressed with the standard of play and general professionalism displayed by the players. The events available to play in are many and varied. The week began with Bank Pool and with more than 350 entries, John Brumback won in dominant fashion over pool legend and personal favorite Efren Reyes in the final. Brumback was the defending champion and with complete control excelled beyond the closest competition easily. Next up was One Pocket and Scott Frost won and was so happy as this sort of validates his career despite already being recognized as a great player by his peers. The single elimination, $500 entry fee plus $4000 added, race to 15 games of 10 Ball event went off with 16 players that concluded with Efren Reyes victorious over Johnny Archer. This was a very memorable match as Archer played exceptionally well and still lost 15-11 to the flawless match that Reyes played. I do not feel that anyone else could have beaten Johnny's performance in this one except Efren. Afterward I felt that if I had traveled from California and watched this single match and then went home, it would have been worth it. This match is so inspiring and motivating to see, and then simply wish to play better yourself. Then the straight pool had several big runs with John Schmidt leading the way producing a run of 171 on video and ultimate winner of this event, Charlie Williams running a 125 to beat Schmidt in the semi-finals. Then Efren struck again in the 9-Ball winning the title over Rodney Morris. Efren's victory in the semi's over Shannon Murphy was the most exciting match of the 9 day event and needs to be seen. The All-Around title went to Reyes as well as the additional $20,000 prize and what a great week it was again. Be sure to check out these and all of the other great matches from this event if you are sincere in wanting to play better pool from and I must say the video of Schmidt's 171 ball run with the player review is an absolute must for anyone wanting to play play great pool and hear the inner most thoughts of a great player that is willing to explain and share with those of us so keenly interested.

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