Wednesday, August 4, 2010

John Schmidt provides great insights and motivation

During the 2010 Derby City Classic, John Schmidt produced a straight pool run of 171 balls. He then provided a player review of that dramatic run available from Accu-Stats Video Productions, . John is very articulate and willing to share the thoughts associated with great pool playing at the highest level. This is also very motivational and uplifting in regards to the sport, which I must say is refreshingly positive and instructive and just the 171 ball run is entertaining without the tremendous audio. Most top players do not think about the sport this deeply or are unable to share their thoughts as clearly without being condescending or arrogant so as to convey superiority. John comes across with sincerity, and tries to illuminate the things to make your game better. Along with his attention to detail, he speaks to the audience as an equal, and no matter the amount of expertise that you already have you will for sure learn at least a few things that carry over to any pool game. Players interested in playing better pool could not get a lesson that would provide more for themselves.

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