Friday, July 17, 2009

Accuracy and Eye Movement

When I used to watch Steve Mizerak play great pool I was always struck by the volume of eye movement that he employed. Before setting up to the cue ball he would stand and visually align the shot and several eye shifts would always occur. Then he would bend over and set the cue tip up to the cue ball and visually confirm that the shot appeared accurate and true. This was not some superficial and cursory glance but rather his eyes would move slowly back and forth between the cue ball and the target. Prior to taking a practice swing and without any body movement simply his eyes would shift and his forehead would get these deep wrinkles as he would really examine the accuracy several times. This pattern was strict and would take place on all shots, in this exact manner, without variation. This pattern of care with the initial set up was uniform and choreographed and requires a little more work than someone would willingly put forth who is unaware of this extreme need.The addition of this degree of care and exactness translates to consistency through a disciplined repetitive approach. Be prepared to put forth more effort and energy than you ever dreamed was required for playing high performance pool, so now you have the secret of excellence.

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