Friday, September 20, 2013

Play Great Pool -the book is complete and available.

The book is back from the printer and represents years of effort. I insisted on the reading to be motivational, inspirational, while also being educational. I consider the book to be a textbook and not a one-time read type of thing. Explanation of the physics and bio-mechanics using sound principles and not opinion based assumption. How to acquire the skills with specific training exercises, check points to see that you are progressing, along with trouble shooting guidelines when struggles crop up.

The goal is to enable you to teach yourself using a designed system that will shorten the long way to superior proficiency. Any pool player interested in becoming a better player, no matter what their present skill set, will derive much benefit along with insights into the specifics of how to train.

The book is hardbound and full color, the cost is $70 and for this introduction free domestic shipping. You could order yours by mailing a check or money order to:

Mark Wilson
8561 Prairietown Rd.
Dorsey, Illinois

I could not be more proud of this book and feel that the results are better than I dreamed, I am certain that you will feel the same. I would also like to thank all of the friends and supporters who had to endure with great patience the waiting for completion of something that represents my life goal.


  1. My copy consists of around 240-250 pages if I recall correctly Scott. Printed on high quality paper - not your average quality pool book, something special.

  2. A friend purchased the book & I'm about 1/2 way through and now looking to get my own copy. Great book. I'm a fan of the sport who would like to get better at it and I can see this book making that possible. Changing my stance has already improved both my stroke & my focus; while that minor adjustment for "Contact-induced throw" has already upped my percentage on cut shots. As I said - great book.... Thanks again Mr Wilson, Vince La Marca = Punta Gorda, FL