Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lindenwood Lions Billiards Team Improving

The Lions currently sit at 5-0 on the year, including a complete sweep of the largest collegiate billiards tournament of the year, held at the University of Michigan. 16 schools sent teams for the three day and three separate tournament format and the Lions won all three events.

We have improved and now have some experience. We train hard, compete, and are trying to put a new face on the sport. I ask that you maintain a 3.0 g.p.a. The primary aspect of this team is to lead by example, character and moral values are paramount. I insist upon proper conduct, sportsmanship, honor, integrity, leadership, and respect, along with personal accountability.

We presently have a state of the art training facility that would make professional players jealous. The training consists of utilizing a great mental and physical approach to the game that under pressure becomes overwhelming firepower. The presentation of great attitudes and technique is unsettling for players unprepared to compete at this level and has proven to shake their confidence mid-match.

Players that are members of the team are from all over the world, Nepal, Singapore, China, Italy, Spain, and all corners of the U.S. Most of them are scholarshipped athletes that are here to get a great education, become a better person, and possess a tremendous pool game.

I am looking for my next recruit and have scholarship money for anyone interested in becoming a member of the billiards program and has the academics to enter college. Curious? Contact Mark Wilson at 618-888-2333 or send an email to .

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