Friday, May 15, 2009


Class and style is how the Matchroom team conducts the business of running billiard events worldwide. The television presentation will be on Fox Sports in the U.S. The quality of the play will be as great as advertised, and equal to the production. I attended the event as an interested fan and also one of the commentators for the exciting event with the most unforgiving of formats, race to eight games, single elimination. Jim Wych and Phil Yates are the professional broadcasters that immediately accepted me and made me feel welcome into their world. Their expertise made me sound better and I must thank them both for the fun and understanding patience of my personal broadcasting deficiencies. Both of them are truly team players only interested in making the best event possible and not ego driven legends of the sport. The behind the scenes efforts of the entire production team is considerable in terms of detail, which you will notice on the telecasts of the fifteen matches to air. Please check out for more information, until next time, Mark

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