Friday, April 24, 2009

My New Cue

The most important thing about your pool cue is that you are totally pleased with the instrument that will become an extension of your arm. I am very picky about my cue and sensitive to any nicks or scuffs, I can even feel someone else's hand oil if they grab my cue and use it for a short time. My rules are this; you may borrow my car, or you could dance with my wife, but put my pool cue down!A new cue is just so inspiring, as always make sure to pocket the first shot so that it begins life positive. Mike Durbin built this cue from a concept that we had at a pool tournament a month ago and Monday he called to say that I should come and pick it up. What a beautiful cue with maximum playability and all of my basic specifications, 61" and 18.5 ounces. Somehow the cue has classic cosmetics but a modern look to it and I am asked about it upon setting out to play each day. I have never had this amount of interest and it is great pride that I respond to all. The cue has vibrant green veneered points with the center ebony, the forearm is gleaming and the prettiest figured maple ever, a black lizard skin wrap, and below that is a small ebony area with diamond and dots to match the diamonds in the points. The rings and diamonds are made of abalone shell that is very eye catching and pretty, I have never seen trim rings this eye catching and unique. The joint is white with my preferred G-10 glass/epoxy pin that plays great in terms of feel transfer. Somehow all of this comes together so tastefully so as not to be gaudy despite being ornate which is a tribute to Mike's design. He then produced a matching Break cue and I have been trying to play much better just to live up to my cue's standards. Soon I hope to have some pictures posted. mw

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